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The Be28 interfaces with the generating set via 5 wires.

Feedback of engine running from the generator [C] it is not mandatory. If the generator is more than 50 meters far away we recommend that you use shielded cable ([8]).

Be28 is  a 3-phase controller but it can work in single phase mode as well.  Be28 features static short circuit-proof outputs.  All the time we recommend that you use protection diodes ([1]) as well.

In case you use a computer you can take advantage of our 1000 m cable RS845 driver embedded into BE28.  Avoid to ground the battery minus in the panel.

The battery minus must be grounded only on the generator side. The Be28 can monitor Mains and Generator up to 600VAC. You can apply 600Vac for unlimited time ([5]).

BE28 monitors current up to 2000Amp ( C.T./5 are required). 

We vividly recommend that you to use the engine battery to supply the BE28.  Do not use a power supply connected to mains.

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easy to use our gsm monitoring system

W A R N I N G   Relays and solenoids connected to the Be28 must be suppressed using flywheel diodes or  suppression devices as indicated in section 15.0. of the OEM Manual

2.2 MANUAL  mode of operation

The MANUAL mode allows you to manually control the engine and Contactors.Push the  [MAN] pushbutton to select the MANUAL mode. Push the [START] pushbutton: the Be28  maintains the command to start the engine to controller of the engine for one minute.  If the engine fails to start you can try to start again.  
When the engine is running, the green LED turns on. To stop the engine, push the  [STOP] pushbutton until the [StOP] message appears on the display. If the engine has already stopped, it is possible to reset the STOP sequence by pressing the [STOP] pushbutton.

2.21 Manual  Control of rìthe Circuit Breaker    


To control the Circuit Breaker follow the instructions:
Select the MANUAL mode, start the engine (see above) and wait until the ‘Generator Presence’ green LED turns on.
Push the [I] (KG) pushbuttons to close the contactor of the Generator. The alarms of Under/Over voltage and frequency are enabled if the Be28 works according to NFPA-110 (parameter P23=ON). To transfer the load to the Mains, push the [I] (KM) push button (the [KG] will open). To open a contactor, push the [O] pushbutton. In manual mode the changeover timer is one second.

2.3  AUTO  mode of operation

 Push the [AUTO] push button until the green LED will illuminate. The message [Auto] will appear for a second on display. The engine starts when the Be28 detects a Mains failure. The  of the MAINS (KM) opens after the [P.0] (Breaker) timing. Then the timer [P.01] takes place to delay the start of the engine. Once started, after the 
warm-up ([P23]) time (Voltage and Frequency must be within the settings), the  of the GENERATOR (KG) will close. If the Mains restores, after the [P.02] the KG will open. The KM will close after a programmable changeover timing ([P.3]). The Engine will stop after a cooling down time ([P24]). If the engine shuts down, the KM closes independently of the Mains status if the [P.23] is [ON] (NFPA-110 mode), otherwise the KM will close only if the Mains is within the programmed settings. In AUTO mode, the Be28 can start and stop the engine according to programmed inputs.Note: the BE28 turns on the alarm [Er.11] (Fail to start) if the engine does not start within 8 minutes after the engine start request.

  The modes of operations are selected by pushbuttons and indicated by means of green LEDs. Every time the power supply is switched on, the Be28 enters the “AUTO” mode, if the Be28 was in TEST or AUTO prior to power down. In the other cases, the Be28 will enter the OFF mode. The following table indicates the available modes of operation

Section 1.0 Introduction

  The Be28 integrates a 3-Phase Automatic Mains Failure (A.M.F.) module and an Automatic Transfer Switch controller. The Be28 monitors 3 phases (voltages and currents) of the generator. It provides indication by means of LEDs and Display for Alarms and status of the contactors. The Be28 features programmable parameters and complies with NFPA110 CAN/CSA-C282-M89 regulations. Be28 features a RS485 interface for
remote control & monitoring. The Figure  below presents the panel layout.

Download OEM Manual                         Download User Manual                      Download Software


- Wide operating temperature range -30°C / +70°C

- 60 programmable parameters including variety of I/O functions

- MODBUS protocol & TCP-IP optional adapters

- Monitors 3-Phase Voltage Mains, 3-Phase Voltages/Currents of the generator

- Drives the most popular genset controllers on the market

The Be28 is 3-phase  Automatic Transfer Switch Controller. All parameters, alarms and operating functions are indicated by means of a high-luminosity display capable of operating in a temperature range between -30°C and +70°C......     MORE ABOUT BE28