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What is Generator Monitoring.

Generator Monitoring is the action to monitor the generating set 8diesel generator or gas fuelled generator or others..) from a remote location.
With a Bernini Design Genset Remote Monitoring System you will be able to:
- browse the Engine Instruments
- browse the Generator Instruments
- browse the Fuel Instruments
- read the Generator Power & Energy Measurements
- read the Memory Log Events
- start / stop the engine (supposing the genset is in Auto mode of operation)
- modify settings and operation modes
- read the status of the Maintenance timers
- make miscellaneous functions
- carry out troubleshooting by remote

What does 'remote location' exactly mean? Any location not limited by distance. To be more precise:

-via RS485 (MODBUS) you can connect a pc to a genset as far as 1000 meters
-via TCP-IP you can connect a pc to a genset with unlimited distance
-via SMS (mobile phone) there is no distance limit
-via WIRELESS Internet (local area or Internet) 

What is the cost?

Bernini Design does not charge you for the use of Remote Genset Monitoring System. All features are included in the controllers. You have to pay only for your Service provider or telephone service provider In case you need accessories, like converters of protocol or hardware interface,  Bernini Design is able to provide cost effective products

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You can connect a twisted cable to our BE16  SERVER. You can control your diesel generator using a mobile phone and typing a set of generator monitoring short messages (SMS). READ MORE

You can connect a twisted cable to our TCP-IP SERVER. You can download our free of charge software for generator monitoring through Intenet.

You can connect a twisted cable to any compatible MODBUS Genset Controller. You can download free of charge our software for generator monitoring via MODBUS.

Generator Monitoring


The purpose of this tutorial is for us to explain how to monitor and control a genset via the INTERNET. At the end of this series of training videos you will be familiar with the following terms:

-TCP-IP Protocol
-LAN (Local Area Network)

You are able to see here the main parts of the system

-    A generator of any size fitted with a Bernini Controller type Be142 or Bek3 for example
-    A generator circuit breaker
-    A mains circuit breaker
-    A house, as an example to give you a representation of the load connected to the mains or generator. This could be any load, a factory, hotel or a hospital and so on….
-    The provider of the public electricity supply (so called mains)

Normally some of the components indicated here are enclosed in a panel. You can see here on the drawing the separated parts for a better understanding.

Other important components are:

-    our protocol converter  There is a connector for the cable that connects it to the genset controller. The length of the cable should not exceed 1000 metres. Here you can see the connector for the supply. And here the connector for the router: a common ETHERNET CABLE
-    a router connected to the internet via an Internet Service Provider. (You can see an example of a router here IN MY HAND, so that you will know what it is that I am talking about)
-    here, the generally and commonly used representation to illustrate the INTERNET: - a big fluffy cloud.
-    other devices or computers connected to the INTERNET
-    other generators connected to the INTERNET

I am going to describe for you the general idea of this arrangement

From any computer connected to the INTERNET, you are able to control and monitor the status of your generator and mains. More precisely:

-you can see if your load is normally supplied by the mains
-you can verify if your generator is running properly
-you can read on the screen all important parameters (voltages, frequency and so on)
-you can verify on the screen all important parameters of the engine (oil pressure ..temperature and so on..)
-watch the status of any alarms
- read the history of all the alarms
- and most important of all, you are able to interact with your generator by starting and stopping the engine via remote control and can transfer the load to the generator or the mains according to your particular needs.

After starting the engine by remote, in any case of failure of the network, our controller could be programmed in such a way as to stop the engine after a time-out. Please note an important saving. When you are using our system, you are not required to subscribe to a particular INTERNET service or subscribe to any particular web site.

Normally, similar products on the market for genset control and monitoring, - -  I mean our competitors units  - - , require that you start the application from a web page. You have to provide passwords, registration data and so on to gain access.

Our approach is totally different!! We provide the software for an application running on your PC. This is the safest way to keep your genset under control.

In other words we transformed the genset controller software to be within a web site of your own property. This is then totally free of web service charges when choosing our genset controller.

Before ending this tutorial, I would like to remind you of the main concepts:

-    CONVERTER: this is a BERNINI DESIGN product that translates the information of the genset controller into a compatible form requested by the INTERNET
-    TCP-IP is the name of the protocol or syntax required by INTERNET communications
-    MODBUS RTU is the name of the protocol, or syntax if you prefer, required by INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTS communications.
-    ETHERNET is the name of the technology for the Local Area Network (so called LAN) that allows you to connect devices in a local place. You can have a pc in your office, a printer in another place and yet again a further pc in your private apartment. (The list can continue for as many ports as your LAN equipment provides or supports)
-    ROUTER: the device that normally provides connectivity between INTERNET AND ETHERNET. Usually it is supplied directly by your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER.
-    INTERNET: this is the global network, which could be said to be, the mother of all networks. It is able to join together all Local Area Networks apparently seamlessly.

On our next videos, I will guide you step by step on the following subjects:
-    Connection of a genset controller directly to your PC by using a LAN (LOCAL AREA NETWORK) cable.
-    Configuration of the CONVERTER to work with a ROUTER.
-    Connection of a genset controller directly to your PC by using LAN provided by the ROUTER
-    Connection of a genset controller directly to your PC using the INTERNET.

By using the modules you can:

- watch the Generator Instruments

- watch the Engine Instruments
- watch the Fuel Instruments
- read the Generator measurements
- read the Memory Log Events
- start / stop the engine
- modify settings by remote

-use the Mobile Phone (SMS)

- carry out remote troubleshooting 

The Be16 is an extension module suited for the Be124 (or Be142, BeK3) genset controller. You are required to connect the Be16, via a serial cable RS485. The maximum allowed distance is about 1000 meters. Be16 supports the MODBUS-RTU protocol. The Be16 is supplied directly by the engine battery in a range of about 8 up to 33VDC. The Be16 includes voltage spikes protection providing a clean DC supply for the Modem. We recommend that you use the GT864 Modem  READ MORE








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Generator Monitoring  is the action of supervising a generator from a remote location via a set of equipment: converter of protocol, Ethernet Drivers, Mobile phone etc. A special software must be used.  

Generator Monitoring All About It


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